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Welcome to the “NFT Battle Miners” project!

This year has been a wild ride for the NFT metaverse, blockchain and gaming industry.
Plenty of projects have sprung up, some seeing meteoric rise, and others not quite holding ground.

Our team has been observing many interesting projects and have been able to gather the best and most interesting aspects to incorporate into our project as well as looking into avoiding potential pitfalls.

By combining the perks we found coupled with problem solving approach in mind, leaving out mundane aspects of gameplay and adding the creative ideas of our gaming team, we are proud to present to you, our “NFT Battle Miners” project.


Q2 2021

May / Jul - Developing game concept / design / website

Jun - Company incorporation

Q3 2021

Jul ——> Start growing community

Aug - Setting up the project and working on whitelisting on Atomic Hub

Aug / Sept - Promo period

Q4 2021

Oct - Packs sale / Land keys

Oct - Mining / Cards upgrade / Fusing release

Dec - PVP beta release

Q1 2022

Jan - PVP full release

Mar - Metaverse release

Full Roadmap: Roadmap

This roadmap is dynamic and will be constantly updated as new development comes in.

Our commitment to the community:

We believe transparency and an active engagement with the player base community is an integral aspect for the development of a successful project. We are also open to suggestions and criticisms on improvements that can be implemented to get a better gaming experience for everyone!


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