NFT Battle Miners (NBM) is your portal to the Arcadian system, a massive multiplayer online universe where everyone can play for free and earn real money! Create your own character and explore all the wealth arcadia has to offer. NFT Battle Miners was built using the latest blockchain technologies. Unlike any other game, every element that you own or extract in NBM has a true value and can be sold for real money. Trade, sell, upgrade, fight, the choice is yours!


In 2031, human astronomers recorded for the first time a unique signal coming from a particular place located in the-Carina-Sagittarus arm, one of the minor spiral arms of the milky way galaxy. They didn’t know it yet, but the scientists just had discovered Arcadia, the most incredible place in the universe.

After this unique discovery, scientists put their efforts into tackling all the major problems related to space travels. By 2055, researchers developed and mastered the warp technology, a unique way to distort the shape of the space-time continuum thus allowing travel at a speedway greater than the speed of light.

Finally, in the year 2064, after solving all technical challenges related to space travel such as the generation of artificial gravity and the reduction of the time required for local transits, homo sapiens undertook its first long-distance journey in the stars. The first explorers reached the Arcadian system in less than a few months and what they discovered was astonishing. Arcadia was way beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.

With several habitable worlds, many moons and an unlimited number of resources, Arcadia became the new Eldorado. In 2065, Arcadia revealed one of his biggest secrets: the presence of 4 unique resources never seen before, each endowed with remarkable properties.

Quickly named Fusium, Actium, Minimum and Constructium for their respective ability to allow humans to either fuse any type of materials together in few milliseconds (Fusium), improve the physical properties of any object (Actium), increase the fertility of any soil (Minium) or greatly stimulate the yields of any man-made apparatus (Constructium), each of these resources quickly aroused covetousness and fascination.

By 2070, numerous explorers, merchants, and fighters kept arriving in Arcadia in search of the Arcadian dream.

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  • What is NBM?

    NBM (for NFT Battle Miners) is a browser-based, resources-management and space-exploration themed massively multiplayer online browser game. NBM was created in July 2021 and is produced and maintained by UTD corp.

  • What is Arcadia?

    Arcadia is the stellar system in which every player is evolving. It contains a star (Astra Nova) along with 10 planets, 13 moons and a giant asteroid belt. In the NBM concept, humankind identified Arcadia in 2031 and spent 3 decades perfecting the technologies to be able to reach it. In 2064 the first explorers set foot on Arcadia.

  • Why is NBM so special?

    Unlike any other “classic” game, NFT Battle Miners was built using the latest blockchain technologies to allow every player to create its own character and truly own every element of the game using NFT-based concepts. Thus, every element of the game (tools, weapons, resources extracted, etc.) can be easily exchanged or sold for real money.

  • What are “NFTs”?

    NFT is a technology which allows to secure any digital assets. For instance, if a person has a picture stored on his computer, anyone including himself* can copy the file, take a snapshot, and create as many copies of the file as he* wishes. This person can further spread the file by sharing it. Thus, the initial owner of the digital asset can never truly be sole owner of the asset since an infinite number of copies can be created and shared. The NFT technology solves this issue. When a virtual asset is created (for instance a digital card), a unique identifier is encrypted into the asset. Thus, even if someone tries to take pictures or snapshots of the digital card, this person will never get access to the encrypted identifier and will never be the true owner of the asset. Every NFT is stored inside a digital wallet. Hence, each NFT is unique, and this technology allows millions of people to trade, exchange and sell digital assets.

    *UDT Corp is sensitive to gender equity. In this document, the words of masculine gender applied to persons refer to men, women, or others. The masculine gender is used in the previous example as a neutral gender.

  • How do I play? And do I need any experience with blockchain technology?

    We’ve got you covered! Playing NBM is like playing any other online game. Simply create an account using your email, set up a password and that’s it! We are also adding new logging features (such as logging using social media platforms or phone numbers). No matter what method you use, your digital wallet will be automatically created and you simply have to play! If you plan on buying/selling your NFTs, we recommend you to create a WAX Wallet. For more informations, you can watch all out tutorial videos HOW TO CREATE A WAX WALLET

  • Is there any tutorial to learn how to play?

    Yes, we made a short series of videos that will teach you all you need to know to play NBM. TUTORIALS

  • What is WAX and how do I create a Wax Wallet?

    WAX is the name of the blockchain on which NBM is currently running. Everyone can create a WAX wallet for free in less than 30 seconds using the following link: https://all-access.wax.io/ Once your wallet is created, login to the NBM website using your WAX wallet. All your cards, NFTs, and resources will be stored in your WAX wallet.

  • Is NBM Free?

    Yes, every new player receives for free a land along with 3 basic miners.

  • What are ‘lands’, ‘miners’?

    In NBM, there are different types of cards. The main types being: Lands: each land corresponds to a piece of a planet/moon/asteroid belt which belongs to a player. The player can use his miners to extract the resources that the land contains. Miners: they belong to the active cards category. These NFTs can be placed on a piece of land to extract the resources that the land contains. Active cards: this is a generic term which refers to all the types of units present on NBM. Some units are better at extracting resources (miners) while others specialize in combat (fighters). Some active cards also correspond to equipment required to perform explorations (e.g. swords or grenades). Constructions: Constructions are very powerful structures that can be placed on land. They greatly improve the production of the land.

    Additionally, other types of NFTs such as card pieces, boosters or promo stickers exist to help every player during his journey.

  • What are the resources?

    Human scientists have identified 4 new types of resources with unique properties that are only present in the Arcadian system: Fusium, Actium, Minium, Constructium. Those resources are being extracted by the miners on the lands. Fusium is the easiest resource to extract while Constructium is the hardest. Each of these resources has specific in-game functions and can also be traded on markets for real money.

  • What are levels and rarities?

    Each NFT has its own level and rarity. For each NFT, levels range from 1 to 5 and each higher level slightly increases the attributes of the card (e.g. improve its mining power). Additionally, each card belongs to one of 5 rarities being (from the weakest to the strongest): Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Ultimate. Each higher rarity strongly improves the attributes of an NFT. Thus, it is for instance possible to have a Unit Common Level 1, another unit Common Level 4 etc.

  • How do I improve my NFTs?

    In NBM, each player can upgrade his NFTs using a level up/Fusion system. Simply put, anyone can spend resources to increase the level of his NFT. Once an NFT reaches level 5 (the maximum level), it can be fused with another NFT level 5 to increase its rarity. During the fusion process, the 2 NFTs Level 5 will be fused into 1 NFT Level 1 which belongs to the higher rarity. For instance, if a player has 2 NFTs Common Level 1, he first needs to spend a bit of resources that he mined to upgrade both NFTs to Common Level 5. Then he can fuse the 2 NFTs Common 5 into a Rare NFT Level 1. Thus, the fusion process destroys one of the NFT to improve the other. This process can be repeated until the card reaches the best rank: Ultimate Level 5.

  • Where do I buy/sell NFTs?

    NFT can be purchased or sold on secondary markets such as Atomic hub: https://wax.atomichub.io/ You can log to the website using your WAX wallet. Every NFT that you buy or sell automatically appears/disappears from your NBM account. No need to do any transfer.

  • I purchased an NFT, and I don’t see it on my NBM account. What should I do?

    Normally, every new NFT should appear in your NBM wallet in less than 10 sec. But it happens sometimes that the WAX blockchain gets congested. Simply wait 30 minutes and the problem should solve itself. If the issue persists after an hour, please contact our team (see below).

  • I am connected but I don’t see my NFTs. What should I do?

    On the upper right corner, click on your profile and check the status of the network. The 3 lights should be green. If one is red, it means that one of the WAX servers might be down. To solve this issue, into the upper right menu, go into the profile section. In the ‘Select RPC Endpoint:’ change the selection to any other option in the list. Try a few servers and the connection between the game and the WAX blockchain should be restored. If the issue persists, please contact our team (see below).

  • While playing, I get a CPU, NET, or RAM error message. What should I do?

    As mentioned before, NBM is built on the WAX blockchain and every action you perform in-game is recorded on the WAX network. Performing actions on the WAX blockchain is free but each action consumes a bit of the daily network resources allocated to your account. If you perform too many actions, you might run out of resources. If you run out of resources, you will need to stake some WAXP.

  • What is staking?

    Staking means locking some of your WAXP tokens in your wallet to increase the resources of your account. Simply select the amount of WAXP that you want to lock and the type of resource (CPU, NET or RAM) that you would like to gain. When staking, you do not lose your WAXP. WAXP are simply locked and you can unlock them (unstake) whenever you want. However, it takes 72 hours to unstake your WAXP.

  • In case of an issue, where can I contact the team?

    Please, join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/nftbattleminers You can describe your issue in the ‘question and support channel’ and chat with other users in the General channel. The average response time from community members is generally below 1 minute and our developer generally gets back to players in less than 5 minutes. However, delays may vary depending on your time zone.

  • Where should I contact NBM for Partnership, Collaboration, Marketing or Investment related inquiries?

    Please, use the following address: support@nftbattleminers.com .

  • I can’t find the answer to my question. What should I do?

    You can join our awesome community using this link: https://discord.gg/nftbattleminers All your questions will be answered and even better: we run weekly giveaways where free NBM assets are given to the winners!

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